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Meet Dr. Rebecca Hogan, DC

Drawn to Chiropractic

Dr. Rebecca Hogan

Dr. Rebecca Hogan

I was first introduced to chiropractic care as a teenager. I grew up as an athlete, playing several sports, and injuring myself all the time. When I was 16 years old, I hurt my shoulder playing softball and was unable to throw without feeling like the muscles in my arm were being ripped from the bone. After multiple sessions of physical therapy (PT), learning exercises, and new mechanics I was still unable to throw without pain.

I was then referred to a chiropractor in the area to work on my shoulder. He worked deeper soft tissue structures, paired it with adjustments, and some other PT modalities to return me to my sport and throwing pain free with only a few treatments. This chiropractor became my family’s ‘one stop shop’ for all our musculoskeletal injuries. He treated every person in my family with whatever problem they experienced: back pain, torn hamstrings, sprained ankles, headaches, sinus issues, and anything else we could come up with.

A Chiropractic Education

I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in December 2020. I feel grateful to come from a strong educational program where I learned chiropractic adjusting techniques, diagnosing, anatomy, and clinical practices that translate into the doctor I am today. Prior to attending Palmer, I received my Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology from the University of Hawai’i at Hilo, and a Certificate of Achievement in Massage Therapy from De Anza Community College. Throughout my years of college and post-graduate work I had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people from pediatrics to geriatrics, high level athletes to weekend warriors, and just your average working individual.

Helping You Achieve Greater Health

My goal is to help your body function at its most efficient and effective levels. I want to inspire patients to move their own body and get to a state of maintenance where treatments are viewed as a “tune-up” not a necessity. I support the ‘movement is the best medicine’ mindset when it comes to individual health. I want to educated patients about their own bodies, and how they can manage their own aches and pains with exercise, active movement, or rehab, and when they need to come in for a little extra help!

My Health/Self Care Regimen

I have struggled with chronic low back pain since I was a teenager (go figure as a chiropractor!) I maintain a structured self-care and rehabilitation plan for myself through years of experience with stretches and exercise to strengthen my core and glutes while continuously mobilizing the joints of my body with limited range. I workout about 5x a week for strength training, endurance and just keeping my heart rate up. I practice relatively healthy and conscious eating to cater to maintaining my body weight while losing fat and gaining muscle mass. I am also interested in skin care, and love to pamper myself with a nice moisturizer or some other fancy skin care product!

Dedicated to Family and Community

I grew up in a big, loud, and honest family doing many recreational activities, or school fundraisers, sporting events. I am amazingly comfortable around many people, and I love having conversations with people from all walks of life. I want patients of mine to be treated as if they were members of my own family. Many of my own family members are all my first guinea pigs for new things or techniques I’ve learn over my years of education! I want my practice to feel like family, and I want to create an environment that invites anyone and everyone to join!


Dr. Rebecca Hogan | (408) 249-0382