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Helping Patients Reach Higher Health

“Adding nutrition has just kind of opened my world to allow me to provide my patients with more opportunities for greater health,” says Dr. Shaw. The combination of supporting the nervous system through chiropractic and supporting the body through nutrition offers a more complete strategy.  If someone’s missing a mineral or vitamin, they’re going to have recurring symptoms. Nutrition helps them reach a better level of health. Dr. Shaw always starts with chiropractic, but if they hit a plateau, we can test to see if something’s missing in their diet.

Checking for Deficiencies

Dr. Shaw offers a variety of non-invasive tests to assess whether a patient has nutritional deficiencies, and she provides whole food-based nutrition. A patient will come in and we’ll do some basic testing to determine if they are deficient in, for example, a mineral like zinc.
We may also send patients to have blood work, saliva or hair analysis testing done if needed. Dr. Shaw wants to determine if it’s a chemical, metal or immune problem that’s bothering them. We can also test for food sensitivities using muscle testing.

Advanced Clinical Nutrition Testing

Dr. Shaw is certified in Applied Clinical Nutrition through Texas Chiropractic College, has also studied  Advanced Clinical Training for Nutritional Response Testing and Morphogenic Field Technique. Many of the classes she took were taught at Standard Process®. She uses her expertise and the testing to determine if there’s an underlying cause for the illness or reduced optimal health.
If we determine that a certain organ needs help, we’ll do testing to figure out what kind of support that organ needs to bring the cell or tissue to a better level of function. Dr. Shaw will also ask her patients many questions about their health history to help her determine what area of a patient’s health needs addressed most.

Offering Foundational Support

At Nova Chiropractic Center for Optimal Health we offer foundational support by giving the body the foods and building blocks an organ needs to heal properly. For example, if a patient’s liver is being stressed, maybe that patient needs to eat beets to help the organ function more optimally as beets are cleansing to the liver. If people don’t want to eat certain foods, we offer Standard Process® supplements, which are organic and made from whole foods.

We always look at what a patient’s diet is like, so we make sure they’re getting all the nutrients their body needs. Dr. Shaw’s goal is to get patients to eat on a level that sustains their body without having to depend on vitamins for the rest of their life.

One Patient’s Success Story

One of our patients is a runner whose mid back would seize up on him when he ran. Dr. Shaw adjusted him several times. He’d feel better for a little bit and then the pain would come back as soon as he’d run. She decided to do nutritional testing on him and found that his stomach was not digesting properly. As soon as Dr. Shaw gave him support for digestion his back became more pliable, less irritated and he held his adjustments longer. He able was able to reduce his frequency because he felt great!

Optimize your health with nutrition. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!