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Reviews for Nova Chiropractic Center for Optimal Health

  • I had heard only good things prior to my visit and I was treated to great service.

    -Angela D.
  • Felt like I was treated like a real person and not just a number.

    -Iona C.
  • So happy to have met Dr. Shaw! So informative with innovative skills that work so well.

    -K.C I.
  • My experience with Dr. Shaw has been one of learning, as well as healing. She is an expert in providing both to the patient.

    -Foster B.
  • Keep up the excellent work.

    -Steve W.
  • Everyone in the office is very helpful, especially Liz. They all look after me when I am there. I am very pleased with the doctor and her staff. Thank you!

    -Ruth A.
  • Appreciate the team work and genuine approach of care for my injuries.

    -Carl H.
  • Impressed. Thank you.

    -Libby K.
  • I have been seeing chiropractors for 48 years and Dr. Heather Shaw is by far the best.

    -Babs F.


Thank you SO much for being so welcoming and explaining everything so clearly. At many DR appointments I don’t feel the level of partnership that I immediately felt with Dr. Shaw. It means a lot that she listens so intently and values patient input. I feel very hopeful that she will be able to help me with my chiropractic needs. Thank you also to the kind and patient gentleman working at the front desk – the warm welcome was greatly appreciated. I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit and look forward to returning! :-)

~ Kathryn S.

Very Pleasant

The receptionist was very kind, and patient, when helping to get information on iPad. The doctor was very kind too. She is very pleasant and really seems to care about her patients.

~ Marie W.


Great first experience! Very pleased with my first experience with chiropractic care. Came to understand that it’s all about the long-term, gradual improvement, periodic treatments, partnership to feel better. I’m in it for the long haul!

~ Jeff L.


Fantastic first visit! Dr. Shaw took her time listening to my history and she was very caring. I was there for a total of 40 minutes for the treatment but every second counted, I felt absolutely great after!

~ Morgan B.

Friendly And Helpful

I actually felt relief after my visit which makes me optimistic that my symptoms can be managed and I can be on the way to recovery. Dr. Shaw and her staff are very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend Dr. Shaw to anyone seeking chiropractic care. ~Hilda K.